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Hi! I am delighted to welcome you to my practice! After two decades of practicing dentistry in hospitals, group practices and boutique practices, i wanted to build a practice that reflected the value we place on Service and Integrity, the immense pleasure we derive from building enduring relationships with people and above all my love for Dentistry!

At White Smile dental clinic, we love our patients and do spend quite a bit of time getting to know you and your loved ones and give you our undivided attention.

For each client, our doctors develop an individual treatment plan, describing in detail all the stages of bite correction or prosthetics and answering all the questions. This makes it possible to achieve the desired results as quickly and painlessly. Indeed, such a professional approach and attentive attitude will help your dentist to be faithful companion on the way to the solution of the problem! It should be noted that the majority of our patients came exactly on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances!

What's the secret? It's simple: having advanced equipment, well-coordinated team of professionals, progressive methods of treatment, occupying a convenient location, White Smile clinic does not need the high cost of advertising. Satisfied patients with beautiful radiant smile - that's the best advertising!